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 In December of 2020, on a cold New Year’s Eve, Derrick proposed to me in the beautiful snow covered trees of Kamiah, Idaho. Surrounded by his family, we rang in the New Year. We started planning our wedding for June of 2020, when the Coronavirus started putting a damper on things. We pushed our wedding date to March 26th where we joined hands and were married, with 8 people around us. We did everything backwards, taking formals 3 months after getting married, a reception a few weeks later and then a sealing. We decided on us, and no matter what life throws at us, we choose each other.

  Throughout high school, Derrick and I always were in the same friend group. We saw each other periodically but always just as friends. Derrick served a 2 year mission for our church while I stayed back home in Twin Falls starting my photography business. After he returned, we started hanging out with some of our friends again and then started talking. I tried to convince him to hang out with me, which took a few weeks but he came around. Once we started hanging out, it became a daily thing. There weren’t many days where we wouldn’t see each other and that quickly became more than just friends. Our friendship was something of trust and honesty and it blossomed into a beautiful love story that I cherish everyday.

our why behind photography

A little bit about our love story

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   Our wedding day was split into different days because of covid. One of our regrets is not getting it professionally captured. There were so many missed moments that we won't be able to print for our home or show our future children. Including pictures as simple as the two of us smiling. 

These moments, your moments matter to us. We want your day to be captured beautifully to show future generations forever.

We love experiencing life and enjoy new adventures and are always open to new ideas!

We love to adventure


We've had uncomfortable photoshoots where everything is super posed and unnatural. Your session is catered to you, we jam out to music, dance, and have a great time! 

Photoshoots aren't photoshoots


Being in the mountains, forest, next to the ocean or lake, that's where we love to be. 

WE Are Newlyweds


We got married last year in the midst of COVID-19. We understand the stress of wedding planning and want to help alleviate any stress and help make your wedding day magical!

we love the outdoors


We love doing everything together, so when you book us for photo AND video, you’re getting the whole package. We love traveling all over southern Idaho, you can find us in Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons, near Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, the Bruneau Sand Dunes and so much more. No idea or location is off limits. Trying new foods wherever we go, booking new and different Airbnbs, and exploring the outdoors. We specialize in weddings because we love celebrating love and creating a luxurious experience so you can look back on your wedding day feeling completely loved and celebrated.

Your story means so much to us. Creating real friendships with our couples is one of our favorite things and we love looking at the exciting things your future holds!

We love our story and can't wait to capture yours

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We currently live in Twin Falls, Idaho, but we travel all over the state of Idaho, into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Utah.
Travel fees are kept low because we LOVE to experience new places!

(we would love to know what you're looking forward to on your wedding day, where you're getting married etc)

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