in the end, the flowers die and the cake gets eaten,

Don't let these precious moments fade away.

Our wedding was nothing like we imagined. As we handled curveballs that Covid threw at us, we realized how important our love for each other was. That was why we were having a wedding! We came up with the things that mattered the absolute most to us, and we don't regret anything about our wedding!

Because of our experiences, it has better taught us how to serve you!

The why behind Finch FIlm and pHoto

twin falls wedding photographer and videographer team


We specialize in big weddings! We love celebrating with all of your family and friends. We keep up with wedding trends to help best when it comes to your big wedding!

We specialize in big Weddings!


These are the photos and video you'll show your children and grandchildren, for generations to come. These tell your story! We strive to capture your day in a way that you can relive those feelings over and over again. 

Our wedding day was incomplete. Missing photos and moments that we would have treasured forever. We take this seriously because of the things we ourselves don't have.

Your wedding day deserves to be captured beautifully 

Here’s how We are different


1. We are a husband and wife team, providing photo and video! We work well together, and our love story means everything to us, so we know the importance of it being captured beautifully.

We are husband and wife photo and video team


We want to know what's truly important to you and your future spouse, and your families. Those things are so important to us too! Are you close with your Grandma? Do you want a first look with your Dad? These are moments that are timeless! We want to create moments for you to be able to look back on and remember those special feelings with the ones you love.

We want to know what's truly important

We have limited availabilty to ensure we can  give you the best experience

Because of the experience we want to give you

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At Finch Film and Photo. we capture beautiful love stories. Each love story is unique and timeless. Our goal to capture your love, exactly how you feel it! We want you to look back on these priceless moments and feel the love you have for each other. As it continues to grow for each other, these photographs become timeless heirlooms.

Your wedding day is so important to us! We strive to give you the best experience possible. Because of that, we limit how many sessions and weddings we take on, so that we can better focus on you! 

Wedding collections start at $1975

(we would love to know what you're looking forward to on your wedding day, where you're getting married etc)

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